Our President


Dominion Media Group, LLC (DMG) is an independent firm specializing in creative
development of musical talent, performing arts, and special events founded by
entrepreneur and president, Evelyn Peters-Washington. We are located in Atlanta,
Georgia and active world-wide. Ms. Peters-Washington, author, producer, and
platform personality, has career experience stemmed from successful opportunities in
the entertainment industry; as well a her advocacy for strengthening families across
America that showed off her passion to conceptualize “big ideas” from the drawing
board to the marketplace. She is a natural visionary who knows how to create
cutting-edge projects that are not just entertaining, but she makes them meaningful as
well. She’s the perfect fit to any endeavor she takes on.

Evelyn is a game-changer who demonstrates strong business acumen; exhibits creative
thinking and executes a result-oriented ‘can-do” attitude. Her professional standard is
secure in her ability to clearly and confidently articulate her valuable thoughts in a way
that teaches others her first class style.

DMG is the destination for cutting edge creative services