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Welcome To Dominion Media Group

DMG has a strong foundation, built on the professional experience of managing partners who together form a wide range of achievements in the music industry.   So you, can benefit from their expertise in recording and producing music, film and documentary videos, stage sound and lights productions, private recording studio sessions for customize compositions, and for offering complete talent and event solutions. Our team has s great rapport also with corporate clients who want thematic special events.

DMG  is about Prestige and Purpose; it’s about cultivating an appreciation, for the advancement and the contribution music and the arts make as motivators for learning. Moreover, we’re affiliated with our preferred national public charity, Families Across America, Inc., which offers unimaginable creative breakthroughs for future generations of young influencers.

“Talent and time are precious commodities for bringing your creative purpose into action. DMG brings dominion over the use of time to align your creative destiny in harmony with your purpose.”